For three years, I helped to create social content for the wonderful, weird, colorful, gif-tastic world of Starbucks Frappuccino. During that time, we created video series, Snap Ads, customizable invitation makers, launched new flavors, celebrated their rewards program, held a national fan favorite competition (caramel cocoa cluster won), launched their Snapchat channel, created custom GIF and emoji keyboards, and created about a million pieces of content for their social channels.

Here are just a smattering of my favorite pieces that we created during that time.

ROLE: Art Director
CLIENT: Starbucks Frappuccino


This was an invite tool that I designed for Frappuccino Happy Hour. Users could select a design and customize it with a message to send to their friends to remind them that Frappuccino Happy Hour was coming.

Each social post we created was carefully concepted and masterfully executed to provide fun and engaging content for our audience. Most of our content is hand crafted, which was to celebrate the handcrafted nature of the beverages.

We created a series of Snap Ads to launch two new flavors of bottled Frappuccino: White Chocolate Mocha and S’mores.

And we created a series of short videos to celebrate the newest Frappuccino size (and subsequent return): Mini! These videos celebrated fun yittle things like baby goats, puppies, and little roller coasters. And a very fast duck.